This report provides the Environmental Protection Authority’s advice and recommendations to the Minister for Environment on the proposal to develop and operate an iron ore mine on the Blacksmith tenement (M47/1451) in the Pilbara region of Western Australia by Flinders Mines Limited.

Release Date: 21 November 2012

FMS Pilbara Iron Ore Project - Stage 1 - Assessment on Proponent Information - Environmental Review Document (14.4Mb)

                Appendix 01 - EPA Prepared Scoping Guideline (246kb)

                Appendix 02 - Applicable Commonwealth and State Legislation (25kb)

                Appendix 03 - Groundwater Impact Assessment (22.9Mb)

                Appendix 04 - Groundwater Summary Report - Area D (5.9Mb)

                Appendix 05 - Geotechnical Desk Study (719kb)

                Appendix 06 - Desktop Geotechnical Assessment for Prefeasibility (1.3Mb)

                Appendix 07 - Surface Hydrology for Delta Mine (1.7Mb)

                Appendix 08 - Flora and Vegetation Report (13.6Mb)

                Appendix 09 - Groundwater Dependant Ecosystem Mapping (5.7Mb)

                Appendix 10 - Vertebrate Fauna and Short Range Endemic Survey (6.3Mb)

                Appendix 11 - Subterranean Fauna Survey (5.9Mb)

                Appendix 12 - Addendum - Subterranean Fauna Survey (9.2Mb)

                Appendix 13 - Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System (215kb)

                Appendix 14 - Significant Fauna Management Plan (2.9Mb)

                Appendix 15 - Geochemical Characterisation of Mine Waste and Tailings (7Mb)

                          Appendices A, B and C to API Appendix 15 (7Mb)

                Appendix 16 - Ajax, Blackjack, Badger - Groundwater Impact Assessment Report (7Mb)